Tuesday, April 11, 2017

French Onion Soup Au Gratin Stuffed Meatballs

French Onion Soup Au Gratin Stuffed Meatballs….well that’s certainly a mouthful! And I have to tell you, these meatballs are a heavenly delicious mouthful you’ll want to keep eating! It’s a little more work than you’d want to do for just everyday supper, but if you have company coming, try this to wow them!

For this recipe, from Cupcakes & Kale Chips, I 86ed the red wine in it and added a cup of Swiss cheese, just like what we used on our French Onion Soup when I was a cook in a restaurant back in the day. The resulting flavor was just awesome and I was glad I did it.

So, let’s get cooking!

First, slice the onions in half, then slice up thinly. In a skillet, sauté the onions in the oil just until tender. Add the thyme and the ¼ c beef broth. Simmer, reducing the liquid until almost gone.

Take some of the block of mozzarella and cut 16 cubes about ½ inch in size. Shred the rest for later in the recipe.

To make the meatballs, mix together the hamburg, bread crumbs, parsley, salt, pepper, and egg. I find using my hand to be the best method.

Divide meat mixture into 16 equal pieces.

Flatten each portion of meat, add about a tsp of the onions, and then top with a cube of cheese.

Fold the meat around the onions and cheese cubes, sealing as best you can. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, but do the best you can.

Place the meatballs in a skillet, sealed side down. I used the same unwashed skillet I had sautéed the onions in for extra flavor. Less pans to wash too. ;-) Cook several minutes, turning to brown all sides.

In a small pan, make the sauce. Whisk the cornstarch into the beef broth and cook until thickened.

Pour the sauce over the meatballs in the skillet. Transfer to a baking dish if you don’t have a pan that can go in the oven. Bake at 375° about 15 minutes until meatballs are thoroughly cooked.

Add the shredded mozzarella and Swiss cheeses on top and pop back into the oven to broil for about 5 minutes, just to brown up the cheese a little.

Serve and enjoy! ~TMMF

French Onion Soup Au Gratin Stuffed Meatballs

1 Tbl oil
2 onions
½ tsp dried thyme
¼ c beef broth
1 ½ lbs ground beef
¼ c bread crumbs
1 Tbl minced fresh parsley
¾ tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 egg
8 oz block mozzarella cheese
1 c shredded Swiss cheese
1 ¾ c beef broth
2 Tbl cornstarch

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