Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Oh my, this is a wonderful recipe I found online on a site named I’ve used quinoa flour in baked products, but this was the first time I used it whole in a recipe. It was so delicious! I love the taste and the texture, and it doesn’t hurt to have broccoli and cheese in the recipe. ;) 

Anyhoo, the only things I changed were using a Tbl of butter instead of 2 Tbl oil to brown the bread crumbs, and I didn’t have any Greek yogurt so I replaced it with sour cream. We loved this casserole and will definitely make it again.

So, let’s get cooking!

Set the chicken breast to cooking in a skillet with a little oil. And set the quinoa to cooking in a saucepan, according to the directions. Very similar to cooking rice. When the chicken is cooked and cooled a little, dice.

Cut up the broccoli and cook with about 1 c water in a saucepan, covered, about 7 minutes or so. While the broccoli is cooking, grate the cheddar cheese.

In a large skillet, melt 1 Tbl butter and brown the panko breadcrumbs, stirring continually. It takes about 3-4 minutes on medium high. Set aside. 

In the same pan, melt the other 2 Tbl butter. With a whisk, stir in the flour and cook until bubbly. Slowly add the milk, whisking the entire time, until thickened. Turn off the heat.

Stir in the cooked, drained broccoli, diced chicken, cooked quinoa, cheese, and yogurt. Add salt and pepper. Pour into greased 9 X 13” baking dish. Sprinkle on the browned panko bread crumbs. Bake at 350° for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy! ~TMMF

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

1 c quinoa
1 head broccoli
2 huge chicken breasts
1/3 c Panko bread crumbs
3 Tbl butter, divided
2 Tbl flour
2 c milk
1 ½ c shredded cheddar cheese
1/3 c Greek yogurt
   (or sour cream)
Salt and pepper to taste

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